Director’s Bio


Amanda Hibbert is the creator of Elegance: A Women’s Rugby Story. Amanda played rugby in college for Virginia Tech Women’s Rugby Football Club (VTWRFC) starting second semester her freshman year, and participated up through her “super senior” final semester at Virginia Tech.

As Captain and President of the VTWRFC, Amanda was passionately involved in rugby during her collegiate experience. During her junior year she was selected for the Virginia Rugby Union’s Women’s U-23 All-Star team where she was exposed to a higher level of rugby coaching and skills. Amanda considers playing rugby one of the most influential and positive experiences of her life, and as a result wanted to give back to the women’s rugby community.

As a photographer, Amanda started Elegance as a photo essay when she lived in the Washington, DC area. As she photographed teams playing she realized that the action sports photography she was not conveying the camaraderie and sense of community and belonging which she felt with her teammates in college.

After moving to San Francisco, Amanda decided to start filming and interviewing people so they may share their rugby experience in a more expressive way, and thus Elegance, the documentary film was born.

Elegance is the first documentary film of Amanda’s production company, Plain Jane Films, which will be the vehicle through which personal stories are told through the documentary film form.

Amanda lives in San Francisco, California and works as a commercial photographer in the Bay Area.